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Oct 17, 2017
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Institute of Photonic

     Having been established in 2001 and getting licensed in 2004 by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This institute is composed of four departments of Laser, Optical fiber, Semiconductor, and Nano-photonic and is currently conducting research and education activities using its part-time and full-time faculty members.


  • developing the photonic science and engineering
  • producing and studying different lasers with various wavelengths and capabilities as well as applying manufactured, assembled, and purchased lasers in different projects
  • developing and studying the quantum optics
  • developing and studying semiconductor physics to investigate different types of semiconductor lasers and  semiconductor detectors
  • developing and studying the optical fibers and investigating fiber applications in order to solve problems in telecommunications
  • developing and studying  nano-photonics in order to obtain the technology of photonic digital equipment and photonic processors
  • training and educating specialists in different research areas of photonics

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